Plastic Recycling

As well as purchasing materials for recycling, Global Plastic (UK) Ltd also offers a service that means were able to convert material given to us by a customer back to a useful raw material. More often than not this requires confirmation that all articles supplied are processed and we satisfy the customer’s requirements by issuing secure destruction notices.

We also offer the service of processing materials from simple baling to a compounded material of specified quality. Here is how it works:


Plastic scrap or waste comes in all manner of shapes and sizes such as plastic bottles, bottle crates, plastic pallets and car bumpers and a variety of material types.


Across all sites we have the ability to compact soft scrap such as film or flexible products, such as flexible PVC.


Before the plastic waste can be melted down and recycled into plastic pellets for moulding into new products it must be reduced in size.


Plastic raw materials are reground.